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Welcome to the homepage of the German-British Society Chemnitz, Saxony

We are an incorporated society with headquarters in Chemnitz. Its purpose is the promotion of the mutual understanding between German and British people and thus making a contribution to the realising of the sense of community within Europe. Everybody who is over 14 years old and who accepts our statute can become a member. Our society is financed by membership fees, donations and development funds.

We organise monthly club meetings which are public and offer two conversation courses (for smaller groups). We always try to engage guest-speakers from English speaking countries who give lectures at our club meetings. But there are lectures in German, too. Our club meetings are free of charge, but donations are always welcome.

The conversation courses work on the principle "everybody teaches everybody" and are intended as a chance of being and keeping in touch with the English language.

Three times a year we publish a newsletter. It includes up-to-date information on events organised by our society as well as reports on trips and other pieces of information on social life in Great Britain.

If you should have questions concerning our society, you may meet us in our office every 2nd and 4th Tuesday in the month from 3.30 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Translation: Silvia Langhoff


Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft Chemnitz e.V., Hainstr. 125, 09130 Chemnitz, Germany, Tel.: (+49 371) 8102937